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The Safety Blueprint

Soul Sister - if you want to heal at the root you must first build a strong foundation!

Now more than ever it is time for women to step into their own power. To do this we must first be able to meet our own needs. And to be able to do this, we must establish a foundation of safety in our autonomic nervous system. 

Women are the caregivers and the healers of the world. We give so much of ourselves that we forget or don't even recognize how to sustainably care for ourselves. This shapes our nervous system into a dysregulated state that leaves us feeling overwhelmed, anxious, irritated or shut down. In the end, this makes it difficult for us to care for the people around us and put our energy into our passion. This leaves us feeling "stuck," like we are just treading water in this one precious life. 

What if I told you there was a way to get what you need for yourself and to attract energies that will reinforce this lifestyle.

This course includes how to build safety in your nervous system, by learning how to:

  • Understand your autonomic nervous system
  • Befriend all parts of your identity
  • Connect with your body
  • Heal at the root

The secret lies in creating safety in your autonomic nervous system. Cue.. The Safety Blueprint - My signature self paced course. 

What you'll get:

  •  5+ hours of potent educational content and simple action steps that fit within your busy lifestyle
  • Handouts that include: actionable steps in communicating your needs & resources in reshaping your nervous system